Run your home service business efficiently with Helppy software

Used by home care and cleaning companies

Leading cost-efficiency and automization

From only $29 /month


One system to run your business

Designed particularly for small and medium-sized home service firms.
Prized intuitive user experience. From only $29 /month.


Add new customers easily

Manage your customer base

Keep service plans up-to-date

Store service contracts

Monitor customer metrics


Manage your employee team

Collect applications in system

Track employee onboarding

Store holiday and sick leave data

Easy export to payroll


Staff customers with employees

Find suitable matches automatically

Based on skill requirements and location

Ask employee availability in-app

View employee calendar


Empower your employees to schedule and report visits

Reducing the work to plan shifts at the office.

Allow employee to book next visit

Recurring visits to customers

Ask employee feeling after visit


Employee App praised for its user experience

See scheduled visits and shifts

See customer service plan and info

Update own employee profile in-app

Schedule next visits


Customer App to build strong customer relationships

See scheduled visits

See your employee profile

Instant visit reports incl. pictures

Give visit rating and feedback


Admin tools to automate office tasks

Easy import and export

Automate invoicing and payroll

Real-time dashboards

Integrate to other software

SMS and email notifications



All tools transparently from only $29 /month.
$0.29 per visit hour, after 100 h/month reached.
No additional costs.
Free one month trial, no credit card needed.


Tools for employees, customers and operations.
All from only 29 €/month.

  • Import existing data easily via (.csv, excel)

  • Manage your products and their prices

  • Real-time dashboards

  • Track feedback

  • In-app communication inbox

  • SMS and email notifications

  • Export data to invoicing, payroll and accounting systems

  • Integrate to third-party apps

  • Service plan

  • Service contract

  • Scheduled visits calendar

  • Historical visit log

  • Historical visit reports and scores

  • Share customer details with employees via app

  • Manage family member contacts

  • Manage employee team members of customer

  • Internal notes

  • Communication inbox

  • Customer metrics dashboard

  • Missed visit alerts

  • Create employee profiles

  • Gather applications directly from website to system

  • Scoring of application profiles

  • Onboarding checklist

  • Store employee contract data

  • Contact employees in-app, checking availability to take on more customers

  • Staff customers with named employees

  • Match employees to customers based on skill requirements and location

  • View customer and employee planned visit calendars

  • Empower employees to book customer’s next visits in-app

  • Gather absence info (holiday, sick leaves) directly from employee in-app

  • Employee profile with bio, profile image and key attributes

  • Ability to update employee profile in-app

  • View scheduled visits

  • Report completed visits

  • Write visit report

  • Upload images from visit

  • Schedule next visits to customer in-app

  • Give visit feeling score

  • View scheduled visits

  • View visit reports potential incl. images

  • View visiting employee profiles

  • Give visit feedback

  • SMS and email notifications

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